Presenting Dione — DEXG’s 7th staking round.

  • The DIONE staking round will also only accept the DEXG/USDC BPT token for deposit and staking.
  • Please only use the official DEXG/USDC Balancer Shared Pool to provide DEXG/USDC liquidity and receive the corresponding BPT token.
  • Like in the previous rounds, the amount of issued DEXG staking rewards depends on the share of the total staking pool. For example, a 1% share of the total staking pool would yield 1% (10.00 DEXG) of the total staking rewards (1,000 DEXG).

DIONE: Round Quickview

DIONE: Staking Policy

  1. Provide liquidity: Balancer DEXG/USDC Pool
  2. BPT Deposits: DEXG/USDC liquidity providers can deposit BPT tokens from deposit opening to staking end, deposits will not be closed in-between.
  3. BPT Withdrawals: DEXG/USDC liquidity providers can withdraw BPT tokens anytime during the staking round.
  4. Reward Claim: DEXG reward tokens can only be claimed after the PROMETHEUS staking round ended.
  5. DEXG Reward Withdrawals: DEXG/USDC liquidity providers can only withdraw DEXG reward tokens after the DIONE staking round ended.
  6. DEXG Reward Amount: The amount of DEXG reward token received depends on the total share of the staking pool and on how long the deposited BPT tokens have been staked in the DIONE round staking period. Reward collection will stop automatically when the BPT tokens are withdrawn during the staking round.


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