Guide: DEXG Swap public beta

Why Ropsten?

Step 1: Switch your wallet to the Ropsten testnet.

01 — Open the Network Dropdown 02 — Select Ropsten Test Network.

Step 2: Aquire rETH

Step 3: Convert rETH to WETH

01 — Connect MetaMask wallet.
01 — Open deposit tab 02 — Enter rETH amount to convert to WETH 03 — Write contract, confirm in MetaMask.
  • 0x0a180a76e4466bf68a7f86fb029bed3cccfaaac5

Step 4: Go to DEXG and connect your wallet

Step 5: Approve your wallet and buy DEXG

01 — Approve your wallet to interact with the smart contract using WETH, confirm in MetaMask.
01 — ExchangeDEXG and WETH 02 — Switch between buy and sell 03 — Submit action, confirm in MetaMask.

Step 6: Select another pool to trade

01 — Click the Pool box 02 — Click to switch to another pool on the Select Pool dialog

Step 7: Explore the DEXG Swap public beta




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